WhatsApp is set to introduce a brand-new functionality for Android smartphones, allowing users to seamlessly share their screens during video calls. This feature, reminiscent of popular work-oriented platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, empowers individuals to record and display the content of their screens while engaged in video conversations. 

It is currently being tested with a small group of Android beta users, but it is anticipated that it will soon be made available to a larger user base. It should be noted that users of older Android devices or those who haven’t updated to WhatsApp’s most recent version might not be able to use this function.

Taking inspiration from work-centric video call platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp is unveiling an innovative feature that allows users to share their screens. According to WABetaInfo, this update enables participants in video calls to view and interact with the content displayed on a user’s device screen.

The screen sharing feature is represented by an icon featuring a phone with an arrow pointing outwards. It joins the familiar set of tools located at the bottom of WhatsApp calls, including camera switching, muting, and video disabling.

By selecting the new button, users are presented with a prompt asking whether they wish to “Start recording or casting with WhatsApp?” accompanied by a disclaimer stating that the company will have access to any passwords, photos, or payment details visible on the screen.

If users agree, they can simply click “Start now” to begin screen sharing. They can also pause screen sharing at any time throughout the call.

Screen sharing is currently restricted to a small set of Android beta testers. However, the service is expected to be gradually handed out to a broader range of users in the following weeks.

It’s crucial to remember that screen sharing may not work ideally on older Android models, during bigger group chats, or when talking with others who haven’t upgraded their WhatsApp to the current version. 

Alternatively, for iPhone or iPad users who are not exclusively tied to WhatsApp, Apple introduced a similar screen sharing feature in FaceTime calls back in January.

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