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Apex Legends introduces solo mode after 5 years

Apex Legends introduces solo mode after 5 years

It’s interesting to see Apex Legends revisiting its Solo mode after initially indicating no plans for its return. The upcoming Upheaval season will introduce Solo for a limited time, replacing Duos for six weeks. This decision reflects Respawn Entertainment’s acknowledgment of players’ growing interest in a solo gameplay experience.

To cater to solo players and compensate for the lack of squad support, Respawn has introduced several unique features. One notable addition is the one-time respawn token, allowing eliminated players in the early rounds to rejoin the battle. Unused tokens later convert to Evo for shield and ability upgrades, encouraging early engagement.

The Solos mode also incorporates Battle Sense, providing audio and visual cues when enemies are nearby within a specific range. Additionally, passive healing outside combat promotes strategic play, incentivizing players to secure kills for faster health regeneration.

Respawn has made various adjustments for Solos, including fully kitted-out weapons, altered circle sizes, and a reduced lobby size.

Alongside these changes, the introduction of Alter as a new legend adds depth to the gameplay. Alter’s abilities, such as Void Passage for creating portals and Void Nexus for team teleportation, offer exciting tactical possibilities.

With the Upheaval season launching on May 7, players can explore the revived Solos mode and experience Alter’s unique abilities firsthand, contributing to Apex Legends’ evolving gameplay dynamics.