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Apple now allows Retro Game Emulators on the App Store

Retro Game Emulators on the App Store

Apple has made significant updates to its developer guidelines, permitting music streaming apps to link to external websites and allowing Retro Game Emulators on the App Store.

This change was first observed by 9to5Mac, indicating that retro gaming console emulator apps are now welcome and can even provide downloadable games. Apple also informed developers via email that they can create and offer emulators on its platform.

Before this update, Retro Game Emulator software was not allowed on the App Store, although developers found ways to distribute them to iOS users through jailbreaking and sideloading tools or unsanctioned app stores.

This rule change potentially simplifies the process for users and may result in more Android emulators being available on iOS.

However, Apple emphasizes that developers are accountable for all software offered in their apps, ensuring compliance with guidelines and laws. This includes prohibiting the distribution of pirated games. Fans of specific consoles must rely on official Retro Game Emulators being released for iOS, as unauthorized downloads are not permitted.

While these guideline changes align with the EU’s Digital Markets Act regulation aimed at addressing anti-competitive practices among major tech firms, the new emulator rule applies to developers globally, not just in the EU.