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Bluesky plans to launch DMs and video support for users


Bluesky is making significant strides in enhancing its decentralized social app by borrowing from established social media practices. The platform’s recent announcement reveals plans for introducing new features like Direct Messages (DMs), video-sharing capabilities, and improved Custom Feeds.

Since its public launch in February, Bluesky has boasted impressive growth, with its user base expanding from 40,000 to a remarkable 5.6 million users within a year.

The introduction of DMs is a notable addition to Bluesky’s feature set. While all posts on the platform are currently public, the upcoming DM option will integrate seamlessly into the app. Initially, these messages will be limited to one-to-one conversations, and users will have the flexibility to control who can contact them by selecting from options like open, followed users only, or disabled. Bluesky plans to develop DMs “off-protocol” initially using an open-source framework, allowing for iterative improvements.

Bluesky’s foray into video content is another exciting development. The platform aims to enable users to share video clips of up to 90 seconds, adding a dynamic element to the user experience. Additionally, Bluesky is exploring various ideas to enhance Custom Feeds, including features such as trending feeds, in-app feed creation tools, and improved feed discovery mechanisms. The platform is also working on implementing OAuth, with the vision of enabling users to “Log In with Bluesky” across various services.

While Bluesky has not provided specific release dates for these upcoming updates, the company anticipates rolling them out gradually over the next few months. Notably, Bluesky received backing from Jack Dorsey, co-founder, and former CEO of Twitter. However, Dorsey recently confirmed his departure from Bluesky’s board, signaling a shift in the platform’s leadership dynamics.

Overall, Bluesky’s commitment to innovation and user-centric enhancements underscores its ambition to carve out a unique space in the social media landscape. As the platform continues to evolve and introduce new features, it seeks to offer users a decentralized, engaging, and customizable social experience that aligns with modern digital trends.