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M3 Macbook Air

Apple may unveil the M3 MacBook Air in March

Tech enthusiasts can brace themselves for significant hardware drops from Apple in early 2024, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Gurman, in his Power On newsletter, anticipates the release of the next generation of iPad Pro and iPad Air in March, each featuring two different sizes. Additionally, Apple is set to unveil the new M3…

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Apple confirms blocking iMessage exploit

In the fast-paced world of messaging apps, the Beeper Mini app emerged this week with a promise to bridge the gap for Android users craving iMessage functionality. However, it was a short-lived triumph. Predictably, trouble brewed as soon as Apple set its watchful eyes on this newfound solution. Yesterday, chaos ensued across the Beeper platform,…

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Meta’s Threads gets searchable topics

Meta’s latest update for Threads, its Twitter competitor, addresses a long-standing user request by introducing topic tags. This feature enables users to make conversations more discoverable by adding searchable tags to their posts. Though Mark Zuckerberg previewed this change a month ago, it is now available to all Threads users. With the update, Threads users…

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Streamlabs introduces live streaming tools for X

In a strategic move to enhance the live streaming experience, content creation experts Streamlabs have forged a partnership with the embattled social media platform X. This collaboration aims to deliver a seamless go-live experience for users, marking a significant step in X’s long-promised integration of game streaming onto its platform. One of the key features…

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WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp now includes a disappearing voice message feature

A decade after Snapchat introduced the concept of “ephemeral data,” the idea of self-destructive messaging has found a new application in WhatsApp. In a significant move, WhatsApp has rolled out a feature that applies the concept of disappearing messages to voice messages, enhancing both privacy and the user experience. Snapchat’s introduction of “ephemeral data” revolutionized…

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Disney+ integrates Hulu with a new tab

In a move highly anticipated by Disney Bundle subscribers in the United States, Disney+ has commenced the integration of Hulu into its streaming platform. This strategic move aims to enhance the entertainment experience for users by providing a seamless interface for accessing a broader range of content. The addition of a Hulu tab on the…

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Tidal to cut 10% of its workforce

Tidal, the music streaming platform, has recently announced its decision to reduce its workforce by 10 percent, impacting approximately 40 employees across various departments, including the playlist curation team. This strategic move aligns with the cost-cutting strategy outlined by Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Block Inc., Tidal’s parent company. The decision, communicated in an email…

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Bitwig Studio update introduces numerous sound design options

Bitwig Studio, the acclaimed digital audio workstation (DAW), has just received a significant update to version 5.1, introducing a plethora of new sounds and effects. This update, a boon for dedicated sound designers, brings forth an array of enhancements, including innovative waveshapers, unique filters, polyphonic voice stacking, a dual oscillator, and more. For those seeking…

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