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India launches spacecraft for sun study

According to an official from the Indian government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims to replicate India’s IT success in the field of space. Recent efforts by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) underscore the country’s genuine commitment to establishing itself as a prominent player in space exploration. Merely one week after the successful landing of…

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German Bionic

German Bionic unveils new exoskeleton design

German Bionic, the creator of robot exoskeletons, has introduced the Apogee+, an upgraded version of their lightweight Apogee exosuit, with a specific focus on aiding healthcare professionals. This enhanced exoskeleton aims to alleviate the strain experienced by nurses and other healthcare workers, particularly when caring for elderly and frail patients. Functioning as a “personal lifting…

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CVS Health to initiate production of more affordable drugs

CVS Health is introducing a new subsidiary called Cordavis, aiming to collaborate with drug manufacturers in producing biosimilar products. These medications are designed to closely mirror existing approved drugs. Cordavis will work to bring FDA-approved biosimilars to the U.S. market, potentially reshaping how consumers access medications by enhancing competition and driving down costs. Rather than…

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India achieves historic milestone: First Country to successfully land at Moon’s south pole

India has achieved a remarkable feat in space travel, marking a significant milestone in multiple ways. The Vikram lander of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft has successfully made a controlled landing on the surface of the Moon, signifying India’s inaugural achievement of a triumphant lunar landing. This accomplishment holds special significance as it places India in a…

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FDA approves groundbreaking oral postpartum depression Pill

Biogen and Sage Therapeutics have achieved a significant breakthrough in their joint effort to develop Zurzuvae, a medication targeted at treating postpartum depression (PPD). The FDA has granted approval for this oral pill, marking a historic milestone as the first antidepressant specifically intended for new mothers facing PPD. According to CDC research, approximately one in…

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Johnson & Johnson

FDA approves Johnson & Johnson X-Ray free heart treatments

Johnson & Johnson Medical technology division has achieved a significant milestone with FDA approval for a groundbreaking workflow designed to enhance the safety of treating atrial fibrillation, a condition characterized by irregular heartbeats that can lead to stroke or heart failure. This approval specifically applies to several products developed by Biosense Webster, a part of…

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Google Lens

Google Lens introduces AI-Powered skin condition identification

Google has introduced a new tool designed to assist parents in addressing the concern, “Is this rash serious?” This tool, incorporated within Google Lens, the company’s visual search feature, offers enhanced functionalities. By uploading a photo depicting your or your child’s skin condition, Lens can conduct a visual search for similar skin ailments, aiding in…

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Neuralink breaks new ground: FDA approves human brain implant Trials

In a groundbreaking leap forward, Elon Musk’s Neuralink has secured FDA approval to embark on trials involving its cutting-edge brain implant technology. This remarkable achievement thrusts Neuralink into the forefront of neuroscientific research, opening doors to uncharted territories in the realm of brain-computer interfaces. Researchers and fans who are attracted by the discovery are eagerly…

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