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Adam Mosseri denies chronological search results for Threads


Since its July launch, Threads has been gradual in introducing key features like a following feed and a search function. However, it seems the platform won’t be adopting chronological search results.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, disclosed this in a Threads post on December 1. Responding to a user’s query about the possibility of sorting search results chronologically, Mosseri stated, “No, that would create substantial safety loopholes.” However, he did not elaborate on the safety concerns associated with implementing chronological search results on Threads.

Chronological search results, a useful feature on platforms like X / Twitter for following breaking news, will not be integrated into Threads. Despite user requests for essential features, Threads has been slow to implement changes.

Recently, the platform expanded keyword search to include more languages, but users are still seeking features like chronological search results to enhance Threads as a viable alternative to X / Twitter.

Although the platform has tested its version of hashtags in response to user demand, it remains to be seen whether chronological search is the only feature Threads is unwilling to implement.

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