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Elgato’s new teleprompter is designed for streamers

Elgato's new teleprompter is designed for streamers

Eminent statesmen and even the occasional inept SNL host have perennially relied on the unassuming teleprompter to aid in their eloquence, and now there emerges a device that extends this privilege to the rest of us, ushering in a world of articulate oratory. The Elgato Prompter can be best described as a compact teleprompter, equipped with a smoothly scrolling display, side panels designed to mitigate intrusive ambient illumination, and uncomplicated connectors adaptable to an external camera, a built-in webcam, or nearly any conceivable location.

Distinguishing it from other prompters available in the market, it obviates the necessity of a personal tablet or phone, courtesy of its incorporated screen and the exclusive Camera Hub software developed by the company. Upon activation, this contrivance not only projects video scripts but also mirrors any open window or application through a straightforward drag-and-drop mechanism.

This unique feature permits simultaneous viewing of both the script and real-time interactions with chat participants, all while maintaining direct eye contact with the camera. In essence, it presents a veritable trove of human social cues.

Without doubt, users are not limited to live streams from fellow chat participants alone. The Prompter extends the latitude to drag and drop virtually any content onto its interface. Elgato, in its recommendations, proposes that users may choose to place a window displaying “the grand spectacle,” allowing them surreptitious glimpses during interminable professional meetings. It goes without saying, however, that we would never endorse such a conspicuous demonstration of truancy.

Elgato Unveils First-of-its-Kind Teleprompter

Being an offering from Elgato, the teleprompter seamlessly integrates with the recently discounted Stream Deck, affording users a plugin replete with controls and adjustments that are accessible at the mere press of a button. These functions are of immense utility to the burgeoning community of livestreamers and YouTubers, perpetually seeking that elusive flawless take. Elgato asserts its intent to furnish content creators with the ultimate all-in-one solution.

As a subsidiary of the esteemed peripheral manufacturer Corsair, Elgato declares that the Prompter offers compatibility with a broader spectrum of webcams, cameras, and smartphones than any similar apparatus currently available. This broad compatibility ensures that additional hardware investments may be largely unnecessary, for those who may have concerns can readily access a catalog enumerating supported cameras and devices.

The setup procedure appears to be straightforward, including attachment clips, a versatile stand, interchangeable rear panels, and a solitary USB connection serving both to energize the device and facilitate data transfer. The Elgato Prompter is now accessible for purchase at a price point of $280.

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