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German Bionic unveils new exoskeleton design

German Bionic

German Bionic, the creator of robot exoskeletons, has introduced the Apogee+, an upgraded version of their lightweight Apogee exosuit, with a specific focus on aiding healthcare professionals. This enhanced exoskeleton aims to alleviate the strain experienced by nurses and other healthcare workers, particularly when caring for elderly and frail patients.

Functioning as a “personal lifting assistant,” the Apogee+ actively assists in tasks such as walking, lifting patients, and positioning them for treatments and hygiene procedures, like bathing.

The robotic suit provides an impressive back relief of almost 70 pounds per lift and incorporates built-in grips for secure handling and repositioning of patients.

Similar to its predecessor, the Apogee+, despite being compact and lightweight, is adaptable for various individuals and settings. Moreover, it boasts waterproof capabilities for patient bathing and dust-proof features for working in less-than-ideal medical environments.

While many of German Bionic’s products, like the robust Cray X, cater to industrial contexts, the Apogee+ is tailored for healthcare facilities, sporting a more gentle design with soothing “patient-friendly” colors. The suit’s seamless exterior is constructed for effortless disinfection, crucial for maintaining hygiene standards in medical surroundings.

German Bionic underscores recent data that highlights the effectiveness of wearable exoskeletons in healthcare, emphasizing that these products “offer flexible and dependable support to nursing personnel.”

The rollout of Apogee+ has commenced in North America, making it available for procurement by healthcare establishments. For those interested in trying it firsthand, the option of experiencing in-person demonstrations at the global medical trade show Medica in Germany on November 13 is open. The cost of these exoskeletons is $9,900, or a monthly rate of $299 for bulk orders.

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