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Google Meet improves picture-in-picture experience

Google Meet

Google Meet, the tech giant’s response to platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, has recently received an update that significantly enhances the usability of its picture-in-picture (PiP) feature. This update introduces a fresh set of controls specifically designed to facilitate multitasking during meetings.

Users can now seamlessly engage in other tasks while actively participating in video conferences, ensuring their presence and involvement throughout the meeting. Google Meet shared these improvements through a blog post on its Workspace Update platform.

Google Meet Enhances Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Feature with Multitasking Controls

The latest update to Google Meet introduces a range of enhanced controls for the picture-in-picture (PiP) window, offering users a more versatile and seamless meeting experience. With the PiP window open, individuals can now utilize various functions such as “raising their hand,” engaging in meeting chat while in PiP mode, toggling captions on and off, resizing the PiP view more effectively, and accessing flexible layouts.

This update enables users to maintain their active presence in the video chat while simultaneously carrying out tasks such as drafting emails or engaging in other work-related activities.

The provided GIF demonstrates this functionality, showcasing a user composing an email while still being able to view colleagues and actively participate in the video chat. If the need arises to contribute or make a point, users can conveniently raise their hand and access additional controls.

The latest version of the app represents a significant departure from its predecessor, particularly concerning the picture-in-picture (PiP) feature. In the previous version, resizing options were limited, and the aspect ratio remained fixed. 

Moreover, the previous controls only allowed users to exit the meeting or toggle the camera and microphone on or off. However, the current update brings about substantial improvements, greatly enhancing the app’s productivity value. Users now have a wider range of resizing options, allowing for more flexibility in adjusting the PiP window.

This change not only enhances productivity during meetings but also offers the advantage of discreetly engaging in activities such as playing the Eggman Game without drawing unnecessary attention.

The update for Google Meet is currently accessible for users of the Chrome browser, with a broader rollout planned over the upcoming weeks. Google has provided comprehensive instructions on how to utilize the newly introduced features, which can be found here.

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