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Google Bard AI chatbot can now generate & debug code

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Google Bard AI Chatbot : There is a constant stream of updates being announced on a daily basis in the ongoing competition to achieve the most sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) systems. The most recent update has been unveiled by Google, as they introduce additional enhancements to Bard AI chatbot. These improvements primarily focus on advancing its reasoning capabilities and mathematical proficiency.

Bard’s recent update brings a significant change in its approach. Previously, Bard AI chatbot heavily relied on large language models that excelled in making predictions rather than tackling intricate problems. However, the new update aims to address this limitation.

Bard now possesses the capability to recognize situations where additional processing can enhance its performance. It accomplishes this by generating background code that improves the accuracy of its solutions.

Google has reported a noteworthy improvement resulting from this update, with a 30 percent increase in accuracy for computation-based word and math problems across their internal challenge datasets.

According to Google’s assertion, Bard AI chatbot is expected to offer a wide range of information, including prime factors of large numbers in the millions, the rate of growth for savings, and even the reverse representation of words like “lollipop” (presumably to impress skeptics and skeptics of AI).

Nevertheless, Google is careful to provide a standard disclaimer. They clarify that Bard’s performance may not always be flawless. For instance, Bard AI chatbot may not generate the necessary code to facilitate prompt responses, the code it generates might be incorrect, or it may not include the executed code in its response.

In addition to incorporating code generation, Google has recently unveiled a new feature that enables users to edit and manipulate the data generated by Bard AI chatbot within Sheets. Although this update may seem insignificant, it is bound to be well-received by individuals who have an aversion to working with spreadsheets.

By facilitating data editing and management, this minor yet valuable update aims to alleviate some of the challenges associated with constructing and maintaining spreadsheets.

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