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Google duet AI empowers varied tone generation

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Google has divulged more insights into how you can effectively utilize the Duet AI assistant to swiftly craft emails and documents. Within Gmail, this tool builds upon the existing AI-driven functionalities like Smart Reply.

By clicking or tapping the “assist me in writing” button, you’ll gain access to various choices. Opt for “compose your draft,” enabling you to specify the kind of message you want Duet AI to generate. Google highlights that the tool will draw from prior thread messages to enhance the relevance of the draft response.

Should Duet AI formulate a message with a tone that appears overly informal, it’s possible to request the assistant to render it more formal. Further possibilities involve refining the draft for more intricacy or brevity.

And for the adventurous spirits, there’s the “I’m feeling lucky” option. According to Google, this choice will infuse “entertaining variations in tone and style to your composed content.”

Similar options are accessible within Google Docs. However, here, you can opt for a more relaxed tone in Duet AI’s composition if desired. Choices encompass generating a summary for a segment or an entire document, incorporating bullet points (a treat for Axios aficionados), and devising an alternative draft based on your initial description.

Additionally, Google affirms the utility of custom instructions to “fine-tune the generated content.” The “assist me in writing” feature for Docs seamlessly integrates smart canvas attributes.

For now, this novel virtual assistant is exclusively accessible to entities willing to invest an additional $30 per user per month for the Duet AI add-on in Google Workspace Enterprise.

Duet AI is slated to become available to small- and medium-sized enterprises, as well as individual users, in the forthcoming months. However, Google has yet to disclose the pricing details.

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