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Judge orders Twitter to vacate Colorado office due to unpaid rent


Twitter is facing eviction from its Colorado office due to unpaid rent totaling over $75,000. The judge ruled in favor of the landlord, giving the company until the end of July to vacate the premises. The company had been using a letter of credit to pay rent but ran out of credit a few months ago and failed to make further payments.

The company’s San Francisco landlord is also suing Twitter for unpaid rent, and there are other lawsuits against the company related to various issues. In related news, Elon Musk’s stance on remote work may be challenging without office space.

Yet again, a new day brings forth another episode in the ongoing discussion about the gradual decline of Twitter. Recently, a judge issued an eviction notice to the company’s Boulder, Colorado office due to non-payment of rent spanning three months, resulting in a staggering sum exceeding $75,000.

Twitter Faces Eviction from Colorado Office for Unpaid Rent

This information was initially reported by TechCrunch, while the Denver Business Journal revealed that the landlord resorted to legal action against the company. Ultimately, the judge ruled in favor of the landlord and granted the company until the end of July to vacate the premises.

This situation involving Twitter unfolds in a rather unique manner, as the company took an unconventional approach to paying for its office space. Instead of the traditional method, they were granted a letter of credit valued at $968,000 in 2020, which they utilized to fulfill their rent obligations. Unfortunately, the line of credit was depleted a few months ago, leading the company to default on any further payments.

Despite the financial setback, the office remains operational, currently accommodating approximately 150 employees in person, a significant decrease from its peak of 300. Additionally, Twitter’s landlord in San Francisco has also taken legal action against the company for unpaid rent. In a related context, Elon Musk has expressed strong opposition to remote work, but it poses a considerable challenge without the presence of physical office space.

TechCrunch has recently uncovered yet another lawsuit involving Twitter, this time in Colorado. A local cleaning company has come forward, alleging that the social media platform has neglected to settle its outstanding invoices, amounting to nearly $100,000 for the services provided. In addition to this, former employees have initiated legal proceedings seeking reimbursement for over a million dollars in unpaid legal fees.

Furthermore, the city of San Francisco is currently investigating potential building code violations relating to Twitter’s main headquarters. It is worth noting that Twitter is facing several other lawsuits as well, including accusations regarding the incarceration of a Saudi dissident and alleged mishandling of rules and regulations set forth by the FTC, among various other issues.

In a significant development, Twitter has decided to disband its press arm as well as its trust and safety council. As a result, no designated contact or authority is available to provide an official comment or statement regarding the ongoing issues and lawsuits surrounding the company.

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