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Twitter takes legal action against Meta over Threads


In a statement made by Elon Musk, he asserts that Mark Zuckerberg is engaging in “unfair practices” as Threads garners millions of users within 24 hours. Elon Musk claims that Mark Zuckerberg is employing dishonest methods as a substantial number of users join Threads in less than a day. It appears that instead of an altercation inside a cage, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg might engage in a legal battle within a courtroom.

Shortly after Meta introduced its recent social media platform, Threads, a direct competitor to Twitter, CEO Mark Zuckerberg received a legal notice from a lawyer representing Twitter, containing a threat of legal action.

The letter, consisting of two pages, which was obtained by Semafor, alleges that Meta has employed former Twitter employees to acquire “trade secrets” and “extremely confidential information” to develop an app that Twitter denounces as a “replica” or imitation.

Twitter Accuses Meta of Trade Secret Misappropriation in Legal Showdown Over Threads

According to the opening statement in the letter sent by Twitter lawyer Alex Spiro, Twitter expresses grave concerns regarding Meta Platforms’ purported systematic, deliberate, and unlawful appropriation of Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property.

Twitter further accuses the employees recruited by Meta of unlawfully retaining Twitter documents and electronic devices during their tenure at Meta. The letter explicitly prohibits Meta from engaging in the collection of Twitter data, including follower information about Twitter users. Twitter demands that Meta cease the usage of the alleged Twitter “trade secrets” as stated in the letter and accompanies this demand with a threat of legal action.

Following a user’s tweet regarding the aforementioned letter, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, responded by stating, “Competition is acceptable, but engaging in dishonest practices is not.” Several users promptly drew attention to a tweet made by Musk in November after a series of layoffs at Twitter.

In response to a tweet that highlighted criticisms from the recently dismissed employees, Elon Musk expressed his regret by stating, “I would like to offer my apologies for terminating these brilliant individuals. Their exceptional skills will undoubtedly find valuable opportunities in other endeavors.”

Twitter is currently making claims that certain former employees, who were let go, have joined Meta and is issuing a legal threat in response. Nonetheless, Meta has promptly refuted Twitter’s allegations.

Meta’s Director of Communications, Andy Stone, stated, “None of the individuals in the Threads engineering team have a background as former employees of Twitter. Such claims are baseless.”

Within less than 24 hours, Threads has already garnered over 30 million users, largely due to its seamless integration with Instagram. This app, owned by Meta, now stands as the most formidable competitor Twitter has encountered thus far.

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