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Meta is testing cross-posting from Instagram to Threads


Meta’s latest experiment involves testing a new feature to enhance engagement on Threads by integrating Instagram. Users have spotted a setting on Instagram that allows them to cross-post photos directly to Threads.

This experiment has been confirmed by Meta, with the option for users to choose whether they want all new photo posts on Instagram to automatically appear on Threads as well. Users participating in the test can adjust these cross-posting settings within the Instagram app.

This move is part of Meta’s efforts to bolster Threads’ growth, especially considering its current user base of 150 million. Previous experiments include cross-posting from Facebook to Threads, promoting Threads posts on Facebook and Instagram feeds, and incentivizing creators to be more active on the app.

Meta has been offering incentives to creators for producing high-performing content on Threads, aiming to increase engagement and activity within the platform.

Meta is constantly exploring new ways to improve user experience and engagement on Threads. This includes ongoing updates to the app’s features, interface enhancements, and optimization for different devices and platforms. The company is also focused on addressing user feedback and suggestions to ensure that Threads remains a valuable and enjoyable platform for its growing user base.

Furthermore, Meta continues to invest in research and development to innovate and introduce new features that align with user preferences and trends in social media usage. As technology evolves and user behaviors change, Meta remains committed to evolving Threads to meet the dynamic needs of its diverse community.