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Meta customizable Quest avatars get a lot more Inclusive

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Meta has unveiled software update v57 for its Quest headsets, ushering in a significant transformation that empowers users to manifest their authentic selves through their avatars. This update grants users the ability to meticulously refine their chosen hair and eyebrow colors, offering a slider for depth adjustment, thereby facilitating a precise selection of their avatar’s skin tone.

Furthermore, users can now adorn their avatars with makeup and facial embellishments in a palette of their preference.

In addition to these avatar enhancements, update v57 bestows upon users the power to retract image messages in the realm of virtual reality and the Meta Quest mobile application.

Upon hovering over an image in the virtual reality space or clicking on it within the app, an option to “Unsend a message” gracefully presents itself.

Should users opt for this recourse, both parties involved will receive a notification, ensuring transparency in message removal. Presently, this distinctive feature is accessible in select regions, namely Australia, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United States.

Should users observe a divergence in the visual landscape upon logging into the virtual reality realm, it is due to Meta’s replacement of Quest’s Explore feed with the all-new “Horizon Feed.”

Despite this transition, the Horizon Feed continues to curate content aligned with users’ interests, maintaining age-appropriate content curation.

Lastly, update v57 introduces the concept of free-form locomotion, affording users the capacity to teleport freely within their Home space, unencumbered by predefined constraints.

While the traversal remains bound by the laws of physics, preventing passage through walls, furniture, and other objects, this innovation liberates users to explore their virtual surroundings more fluidly and expansively.