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Microsoft’s web-based mobile game store opens in July

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In a few months, Microsoft will introduce its web-based store for mobile games, offering a platform where users can download Microsoft’s games along with add-ons and in-app purchases at discounted rates.

Xbox President Sarah Bond announced this development at the Bloomberg Technology Summit, highlighting the decision to opt for a browser-based store to ensure accessibility across all devices and regions without tying users to a specific ecosystem.

Initially, the store will host Microsoft’s games, including titles from Activision Blizzard following Microsoft’s acquisition of the gaming giant in a $70 billion deal. Popular games like Candy Crush Saga and Call of Duty’s mobile versions are expected to be among the first offerings, with Minecraft also potentially included.

While the store will begin with Microsoft’s titles, the company plans to expand to third-party publishers in the future. However, specific timelines for this expansion were not disclosed.

Microsoft’s move to launch a gaming store for Android and iOS devices aligns with regulatory changes under the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA mandates that Apple and Google allow third-party app stores, alternative billing systems, and app sideloading, challenging their traditional closed app ecosystems. This shift is significant, particularly for Apple, known for its stringent control over its platform.

By creating a browser-based store and adhering to DMA regulations, Microsoft aims to provide users with more options and flexibility while navigating the mobile gaming landscape.

The response from tech giants like Apple and Google to these regulatory changes has garnered attention, with ongoing scrutiny from regulatory bodies like the European Commission to ensure compliance with DMA rules.