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MS Paint just got two killer features for a ’90s graphics Editor

MS Paint

After a span of 38 years, Microsoft is breathing new life into its Paint App by introducing support for image transparency and layers. For many of us, the mention of MS Paint evokes a rush of nostalgia, conjuring memories of countless hours spent attempting to emulate the artistic prowess of Picasso.

During those bygone days, the toolkit consisted of a pencil, brushes, a modest array of colors, and not much else. However, it appears that Microsoft is enhancing its application to cater to a slightly more sophisticated image editing audience.

In a recent blog post, Dave Grochocki, the Principal Product Manager for Windows Inbox Apps, unveiled these novel features, brimming with what he described as “exciting” possibilities. “By harnessing the power of layers, transparency, and other Paint tools, you can embark on a creative journey to craft captivating new images and artwork! For instance, when combined with the innovative background removal feature, you can swiftly produce intricate compositions with layers,” Grochocki enthusiastically remarked.

To embark on this creative journey, you’ll need to navigate to the newly introduced layer option in the toolbar, which will reveal a panel on the canvas’s side. From this interface, you can perform actions such as concealing, duplicating, merging, or deleting layers—functions akin to those found in more robust photo editing software.

At present, this update is exclusively accessible to users enrolled in the Windows Insider software builds program. It’s important to note that these features are not yet available to all Windows users, but it is highly probable that they will be made universally accessible in the near future.

While this may not be the most groundbreaking development, individuals who continue to utilize MS Paint will undoubtedly find these features to be valuable additions. Moreover, Microsoft has made its intentions clear: MS Paint is here to stay, and further updates are likely on the horizon.

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