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OpenAI strikes deal to put Reddit posts in ChatGPT


OpenAI and Reddit announced a partnership on Thursday that will allow OpenAI to surface Reddit discussions in ChatGPT and enable Reddit to introduce AI-powered features to its users. The partnership aims to enhance OpenAI’s tools to better understand and showcase Reddit content, particularly on recent topics. As part of this agreement, OpenAI will also become an advertising partner on Reddit, running ads on the platform.

This deal is similar to the one Reddit signed with Google in February, reportedly worth $60 million. However, the terms of the OpenAI deal were not disclosed, and neither company responded to requests for comment regarding the specifics.

OpenAI has been increasingly forming partnerships with publishers to acquire data necessary for training its AI models. Recently, the company has signed deals with the Financial Times and Dotdash Meredith, and last year, it partnered with German publisher Axel Springer to train its models on content from Politico, Business Insider, Bild, and Die Welt.

As part of the new arrangement, OpenAI will gain access to Reddit’s Data API, which will provide it with real-time, structured, and unique content from Reddit. The specifics of the AI-powered features that Reddit will develop as a result of this partnership remain unclear, as a Reddit spokesperson declined to comment.

The issue of accessing Reddit’s data became contentious last year when the company announced that it would begin charging developers to use its API. This decision led to the shutdown of numerous third-party Reddit clients and sparked protests from thousands of subreddits.

Reddit justified its stance by arguing that large AI companies were scraping its data without compensation. Since then, Reddit has been monetizing its data by making deals with companies like Google and OpenAI, whose AI model training relies on access to this data.

This partnership reflects a growing trend where AI companies seek access to vast amounts of high-quality, human-generated data to enhance their models. Reddit offers an opportunity to monetize its data while potentially integrating advanced AI features to improve user experience on the platform.

As these collaborations continue, they highlight the symbiotic relationship between AI advancements and data-rich platforms, shaping the future of digital interactions and content consumption.

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