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Privacy policy

Who are we?

Our company is AAKAWEB – Our Tech News blog is a great resource for those who are looking to stay up to date on the latest tech news. We provide readers with the latest updates on the industry, from new product releases to industry news and trends. We also feature interviews with leading industry figures, as well as opinion pieces from industry experts. Our blog is the perfect destination for anyone looking to stay informed about the tech world and our website address is aakaweb.com

What Personal Data Do We Collect From You?

Personal data is information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, IP address, and email address. We process personal data from you in a number of ways, including.

  • Opt-In To Email Course: Your name and address.
  • Waiting List: Your name and address.
  • Transaction: Your name, email address, billing information, and payment source.
  • Submitting Questions: Your name, email address, and question.
  • Lessons: Your name and email address.

What Is The Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data?

We collect the information above for the following purposes.

  • Opt-In To Email Course: To provide you with information on the course in question and the topic in general.
  • Waiting List: To let you know when a course or service opens or is closing.
  • Transaction: To process a purchase you make with us.
  • Submitting Questions: To answer questions you might have for us.
  • Lessons: To send you lessons you are interested in.

What Legal Basis Do I Have For Collecting and Processing Your Information?

The legal basis for each of the ways we process your data is as follows.

  • Opt-In To Email Course: We will ask for your consent first.
  • Waiting List:  We will ask for your consent first.
  • Transaction: We will collect your information as a legal contractual transaction.
  • Submitting Questions: We have an allowed legitimate interest in providing a response to your questions and need to use your data to do so. We will not use the data for other purposes.

Who Has Access To The Data We Collect?

We process and access your data as described above through the help of third parties that have the digital infrastructure that we do not and without whom we would be unable to provide our products and services including

  • Financial transaction processors (processing your payments)
  • Customer service communication platform
  • Contest and survey platform
  • Email communication manager
  • Marketing funnel providers
  • Website management services
  • Website design and programming services

These third parties have made contractual promises to not use your personal data in any manner we do not authorize.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

We use cookies to track you. This tracking is done to provide you with ease of use such as expediting the login to your account, as well as provide us with information on how people move about the site, what is of interest to them and what is not, and incidental items such as what percentage of users access the site from a personal computer versus a mobile phone. You may block most cookies by adjusting your browser settings as well as responding to the cookie consent notice that appears when you first visit this site. 

How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

We keep your personal data for different periods of time depending on the reason it was gathered in the first place.

  • Opt-In To Email Course: 24 months
  • Waiting List: 12 months
  • Transaction: Three years for tax audit purposes.
  • Submitting Questions: Three years
  • Lessons: 18 months

Your Right To Ask For Corrections, Erasure, And Other Actions

We want you to have control over your data. You have the right to see all the data we have for you, ask for the corrections to the data, ask us to erase the data, object to how we use your data, ask that the data be exported, and ask that we stop automatically processing the data in particular manners. Although we have certain rights to limit your control of data, we believe it is YOUR data, so we will liberally comply with your requests whenever possible. We are not a data mining company trying to monetize your personal information. To exercise any of these rights, please contact me.

Privacy Policy Modifications and Updates

We may update and modify this Privacy Policy at any time. In doing so, we will post a notice on the site 45 days before the change goes into effect and forward an email message to you, should we have an email address for you. However, you may exercise any rights noted in the new policy before the 45-day period runs, and we agree to abide by my obligations as noted in the new policy.