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Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses to include AI visual search

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are set to receive significant upgrades, courtesy of advancements in the social network’s AI assistant. The company is now integrating real-time information support into the onboard assistant, alongside testing innovative “multimodal” capabilities designed to provide context-based answers.

Until recently, Meta AI’s knowledge cutoff was December 2022, limiting its ability to address current events, game scores, traffic conditions, or other on-the-go queries. Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth revealed a pivotal change, enabling all Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses in the United States to access real-time information, partially powered by Bing.

Simultaneously, Meta is experimenting with “multimodal AI,” showcased during Connect, allowing the assistant to answer contextual questions based on your surroundings and what you observe through the glasses.

These updates address the critique of Meta AI feeling gimmicky, enhancing its practical utility. Despite the promising developments, widespread access to the new multimodal functionality is expected in 2024. Bosworth explained that the early access beta version would initially be available to a select number of users in the US who opt-in, with broader access anticipated later.

Mark Zuckerberg shared preview videos illustrating the capabilities of the upgraded Meta AI. Commands like “Hey Meta, look and tell me” seem to initiate engagement. In one instance, Zuckerberg seeks fashion advice, asking Meta AI to suggest pants to match a shirt. Screenshots reveal Meta AI identifying images and translating meme text.

Bosworth highlighted that users can inquire about their immediate surroundings and explore creative questions, such as generating captions for recently captured photos. These enhancements signify a notable step forward in making Meta AI more functional and user-friendly, addressing previous concerns about its gimmickry.

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