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Roblox coming to Meta’s Quest VR headsets


According to a recent blog post by Meta, Roblox will soon be accessible on Meta’s Quest VR headsets through an open beta, set to launch in the “coming weeks.” Users will have the opportunity to experience Roblox on the Quest 2 and Quest Pro, with Meta confirming that Company will also be compatible with the upcoming Quest 3.

Meta states that Company will automatically publish certain experiences utilizing default player scripts to provide support for VR devices. According to Meta, these experiences typically run smoothly in VR without any modifications.

Roblox VR Library: Diverse Experiences and Cross-Platform Play on Meta’s Quest Headsets

As a result, they are actively populating the Company VR library with compelling content right from the start. With over 15 million “active experiences” currently available on the platform, users will have a wide array of choices. Additionally, the Quest version of Roblox will feature cross-platform play, enabling players to engage in experiences alongside Xbox, mobile, and desktop users.

The company has been supporting VR gameplay through PC-based headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index for a considerable period. Currently, it is also possible to play Company on the Quest 2 by connecting the headset to a computer. However, with the new Quest-optimized version, the process of getting started is expected to be much simpler.

Eventually, it will be available as a downloadable app from the Meta Quest Store. This streamlined approach is likely to attract a larger number of players to explore Roblox in virtual reality.

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Roblox Coming to Meta’s Quest VR Headsets: Open Beta Launching Soon

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