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Sega successfully purchase Rovio for $776 Million


Sega Sammy has successfully completed its purchase of Rovio, the developer behind the popular game Angry Birds. The company paid a hefty sum of $776 million to finalize the deal.

This acquisition plan was initially discussed in April, but both Sega Sammy and Rovio had to go through various finalization processes and meet regulatory requirements before sealing the deal.

Despite the fact that the peak of Angry Birds’ popularity was nearly 15 years ago, Sega is optimistic that this acquisition will help them establish a stronger presence in the mobile gaming market.

However, Rovio is more than just its flagship Angry Birds franchise. In addition to the main Angry Birds game and its various spin-offs, Rovio is known for other games like Sugar Blast, a match-three puzzle game, and Small Town Murders, a narrative-driven mystery title.

While these might not be as widely recognized as Angry Birds, Sega gains more than just recognizable game titles through this acquisition. They also acquire an established framework for creating, publishing, and promoting mobile games.

Get ready for that inevitable ‘Angry Birds’ + Sega Sonic Crossover

This positions them to quickly develop mobile games based on their own well-known franchises, such as Sonic, Samba de Amigo, Persona, Football Manager, and more.

Furthermore, there are numerous older games in Rovio’s portfolio that can potentially be adapted for mobile platforms.

CEO Haruki Satomi expressed back in April that Sega had a long-standing goal of expanding significantly in the mobile gaming market, which has shown substantial potential.

In addition to focusing on their existing franchises, Sega is likely to continue producing new Angry Birds mobile games. Despite the waning intensity of its popularity in the late 2000s, Angry Birds still holds value, with associated movies, TV shows, and even a quirky restaurant in New York City.

Perhaps combining the iconic irate birds with the famous blue hedgehog will revive the former mobile sensation’s presence in people’s minds. So, who’s excited about catapulting Knuckles at a group of pigs?

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