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Spotify AI ‘DJ’ expansion reaches 50 countries


Spotify’s AI-enhanced DJ feature, previously soft-launched in the US and Canada in February, is now expanding its beta version to 50 additional countries. After being introduced in the UK and Ireland, the robotic DJ feature, reminiscent of Wolfman Jack, is being extended to various regions in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

However, there’s a catch that hinges on understanding the tool’s functionality. The Application DJ is exclusively available to premium subscription holders and offers algorithmically driven music recommendations, a common feature among music streaming platforms.

What sets it apart is the AI-generated DJ commentary accompanying the recommended tracks. The limitation lies in the DJ’s language capability—based on Spotify’s Xavier Jernigan, it only speaks English.

This restriction poses an inconvenience for listeners in locations like Ghana and Singapore, where English might not be the primary language.

Despite the language limitation, the feature remains impressive. It leverages OpenAI’s proprietary large language model (LLM) technology, akin to ChatGPT, combined with Sonantic’s AI voice generation platform

Spotify’s acquisition of Sonantic last year largely stemmed from its proficiency in generating lifelike speech. Alongside the AI-driven spoken commentary, the platform also offers written explanations for the selection of specific songs.

Spotify Premium users globally can access this tool starting today. Given that this is a beta release, one can anticipate both near-term and long-term refinements and enhancements.

Spotify emphasizes its commitment to continuous evolution and innovation to enhance the user experience.

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