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Tesla recalls 3,878 Cybertruck due to faulty accelerator pedal

Tesla begins Cybertruck deliveries

Tesla has initiated a recall for nearly all Cybertruck delivered to customers due to a fault causing the accelerator pedal to become stuck. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed on Wednesday that this defect can occur when the pedal pad dislodges and gets trapped in the vehicle’s interior trim under high force.

The issue arose from an “unapproved change” during assembly that introduced soap lubricant, reducing the pad’s retention. While the brakes remain functional if the accelerator pedal becomes trapped, it’s not an ideal workaround.

The recall affects all Model Year 2024 Cybertruck vehicles produced between November 13, 2023, and April 4, 2024, encompassing 3,878 vehicles. This includes virtually every Cybertruck delivered since its launch.

The recall became expected after Cybertruck customers were notified of delivery delays earlier this week, with one owner informed of a recall due to the accelerator pedal issue. The problem was also demonstrated on TikTok by another owner.

Tesla was alerted to the defective pedals on March 31st and April 3rd before identifying the cause on April 12th and issuing the recall. As of Monday, there were no reports of incidents caused by the pedal fault.

Tesla plans to notify its stores and service centers by April 19th and will replace or rework the pedals at no cost to owners. Trucks produced after April 17th will feature a new accelerator pedal component.

While Tesla has faced recalls in the past, this one is significant given its impact on a large number of vehicles. Despite previous reliance on software updates to address issues, this recall highlights a physical fault requiring direct intervention.