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Tesla to unveil Robotaxi on August 8, Says Musk

Robotaxi Unveiling

Elon Musk recently announced on X that Tesla will be introducing a robotaxi on August 8, just hours after a Reuters report suggested that the automaker was abandoning its plans to manufacture a low-cost EV.

According to Reuters, Musk instructed the company to focus entirely on robotaxis developed on its small-vehicle platform.

Tesla had long been promising a more affordable EV, with an anticipated starting price of $25,000, but Musk had expressed optimism about this model arriving in the second half of 2025 as recently as January. Responding to the Reuters report, Musk tweeted that “Reuters is lying (again).”

Although he didn’t specify the exact falsehood in the report, his confirmation of the robotaxi unveiling likely contradicts Reuters’ claim about the cancellation of the more affordable EV.

Presently, Tesla’s most budget-friendly vehicle is the Model 3, which starts at $39,000. The company’s decision to rely solely on its camera-based system for the robotaxi is intriguing especially since it discontinued radar and other sensors a few years ago, technologies that companies like Waymo extensively utilize for their driver assistance systems.