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Threads in testing real-time search results


Meta’s Threads app, often seen as Meta’s answer to X, has faced criticism from users, particularly former Twitter users, for its limited real-time information capabilities. Users frequently note that the app’s algorithm tends to display older posts alongside recent ones in its “for you” section.

Moreover, its trending topics feature only highlights five topics at any given time. However, for those optimistic about the app’s potential for real-time information, Meta’s latest test could bring some promising developments.

The app is currently experimenting with a new search feature that allows users to filter results based on recency, as shared in a screenshot by Threads user Daniel Rodriguez. Adam Mosseri, a top executive at Threads, confirmed this change, mentioning, “We’re starting to test this with a small number of people so it’s easier to find relevant search results in real-time.”

While this may seem like a minor adjustment, the absence of a chronological search option has been a persistent source of frustration for Threads users seeking news or discussions on current events. Although sorting by “recent” posts isn’t identical to chronological search, it should assist in surfacing posts related to breaking news or other timely subjects.

The usefulness of this feature will largely depend on whether Meta extends the filter to all topics across the platform. The screenshot displayed a recency option for “NBA Threads,” a community that Mosseri actively supports within the app. However, Mosseri has shown less enthusiasm for other current topics, expressing last year that he preferred not to emphasize “hard news.”

Additionally, Threads has faced backlash from users due to its removal of political content from recommendations and its blocking of search results for topics it deems “potentially sensitive,” such as vaccines and COVID-19, even if the posts adhere to platform rules.

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