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Threads launching web version & search function

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Threads users will soon be granted one of the most fervently requested features for this text-based social network: a web version. Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, recently announced on the application that Threads will soon have both a desktop web version for convenient access and a comprehensive search function.

Currently, users can view Threads posts on desktop; however, interacting with features like reply, repost, like, and send buttons merely brings up a QR code that links back to the app.

Similarly, App search function is currently limited in scope, as it can only surface other accounts and is incapable of looking for specific posts.

Threads Web Version and Enhanced Search Function on the Horizon: Exciting Updates from Meta

Meta’s timing in introducing App was quite opportune, as it coincided with a time when many users were facing significant changes on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Shortly before App launch, X, the platform in question, restricted the number of posts users could see on the website and app due to concerns about “extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.”

This change had the most significant impact on non-paying users, who were initially limited to viewing 600 posts per day.

Following its release, This App quickly gained popularity, attracting an impressive 100 million users in less than a week. However, Meta launched Threads without several features that users typically expect from a social network of its kind.

Assurances from the company’s higher-ups that the Threads team was diligently working on those features were met with anticipation. Subsequently, the past few weeks saw the release of a chronological feed and built-in translations.

While Threads’ engagement may have decreased from its initial blockbuster week, the introduction of these new features could entice early adopters to revisit the platform and become active users once again.

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