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TikTok users in Europe can opt out of personalized feeds


TikTok is introducing a new option for its European users, allowing them to opt out of the personalized algorithm-based feed. This move is part of the social media company’s efforts to comply with the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA).

When users choose to turn off personalized feeds, their “For You” and “LIVE” feeds will display popular videos from both their local area and around the world, rather than recommending content based on their interests.

Additionally, search results on the Company will show trending content in the user’s preferred language when they use a non-personalized feed. Moreover, the “Following” and “Friends” feeds will be organized chronologically.

TikTok’s New Option: Opt-Out of Personalized Feeds for European Users

The DSA mandates that “huge social media platforms,” including TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, offer users the option to decline personalized recommendations.

It also requires platforms to be more transparent about content moderation, prompting TikTok to inform users about more content moderation decisions than previously.

Furthermore, the DSA imposes a ban on targeted advertising for children, which means users under 18 will no longer see personalized ads on the App.

TikTok aims to implement these changes in Europe by the DSA’s deadline of August 28. However, it’s important to note that other social media companies will also be impacted by this law, leading to anticipated changes across various platforms in Europe.

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