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Twitch Turbo now costs more per year after the Price Increase


In an unexpected move, Twitch, the renowned live-streaming platform celebrated for its dynamic gaming and creative communities, has sent shockwaves through its user base by announcing an increase in prices for its ad-free Turbo service.

This bold decision has ignited spirited discussions and passionate debates within the company community, as users contemplate the impact on their viewing experience and evaluate the value they derive from their hard-earned dollars.

The news of Twitch’s price hike caught many devoted users off guard, who had grown accustomed to the uninterrupted viewing pleasure offered by Turbo’s ad-free feature.

Currently priced at $8.99 per month, the Turbo service grants subscribers a seamless streaming experience, devoid of pesky ads. However, come next month, a substantial jump to $11.99 per month will take effect, leaving users grappling with a notable increase of $3.00.

Twitch justifies this price adjustment by highlighting its commitment to delivering high-quality content while ensuring sustainable growth. With an ever-expanding user base and the incessant demand for increased bandwidth and server capacity, the Company faces mounting costs to maintain its exceptional services.

The company firmly believes that modifying Turbo’s pricing structure is an imperative step to tackle these escalating expenses head-on.

While the Company acknowledges that the price hike might disappoint some users, it emphasizes the continued benefits available to subscribers.


Beyond the ad-free experience, Turbo members gain exclusive access to chat badges and custom emotes, fostering a profound sense of community within the Twitch ecosystem. These perks enable subscribers to forge deeper connections with their favorite streamers and fellow viewers.

The reaction from the Twitch community to this price adjustment has been mixed, generating a whirlwind of opinions. Some users argue that the ad-free experience is vital for their enjoyment and unwavering support of their beloved content creators, rendering the increased cost justifiable.

They perceive it as an investment in the platform’s longevity and an assurance of a sustainable future for their cherished streamers.

On the other hand, concerns arise regarding the affordability of the new pricing structure. Many Twitch users are passionate enthusiasts who dedicate substantial time to the platform, but they may lack the financial means to support it at a higher price point.

This price increase may potentially alienate some users, prompting them to explore alternative platforms or reevaluate their level of engagement with Twitch.

It is worth noting that Twitch’s decision to raise prices occurs at a time when competing streaming platforms are intensifying their efforts to captivate content creators and viewers alike. Rivals such as YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming offer their compelling features, and Twitch’s price adjustment might inadvertently push users to venture into these alternative realms. This raises the pivotal question of whether Twitch’s devoted community will remain loyal or seek greener pastures elsewhere.

As the gaming and streaming landscape continues to evolve, Twitch finds itself in the delicate position of balancing sustainable business practices with the needs and expectations of its passionate community.

The platform’s success has been built upon the symbiotic relationships between streamers and viewers, and any decision that impacts this delicate equilibrium is bound to ignite profound conversations and impassioned debates.

Twitch’s price increase for its Turbo service serves as a testament to the challenges faced by streaming platforms in maintaining a viable business model. While some users may reluctantly accept the heightened cost for an ad-free experience and additional perks, others may find themselves at a crossroads, contemplating their loyalty and actively exploring alternative options. Only time will reveal the true ramifications of this decision on the future of Twitch and its dedicated community of passionate users.

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