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Uber to remind passengers about seat belts

Uber to remind passengers about seat belts

Uber app will remind passengers to fasten their seatbelts shortly after their ride begins. The ride-hailing service highlighted the persistent concern of passengers not using seatbelts, despite them being a crucial safety measure, especially considering that 50 percent of all vehicle crash deaths in the US in 2022 were due to non-usage of seatbelts.

With this new safety feature, the driver’s phone will issue an audio reminder upon the passenger’s entry, urging them to “Please use your seat belt for your safety.” Simultaneously, passengers will receive a push notification on their phone reminding them to use a seat belt, even for short rides or when seated in the back.

Uber initially tested audio seat belt alerts in 2021 based on feedback from drivers, believing that such alerts would enhance seat belt usage and contribute to a safer trip environment. This rollout now makes the feature widely available in several regions, including the US, UK, Taiwan, Latin America, and various countries in Africa, with plans for expansion into more territories in the future.

Notably, the seat belt reminder feature will be active for the first five trips after its launch, with the intention of passengers forming a habit of using seat belts. After the initial five trips, passengers will receive a notification every tenth trip as a gentle reminder.

Additionally, Uber recently introduced a new safety preferences section in the app, enabling passengers to access and automate safety tools such as audio recording, PIN verification, RideCheck, and Share My Trip for enhanced safety measures during their rides.